Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Argument in Religion

(1) {any fantastic claim whatsoever}
(2) God or TheHolySpirit is on my side.
(3) Q.E.D.

So, we've converted the question from one of logic to Sunzi.



At March 31, 2009 11:45 PM, Blogger Jeanne-Anne Jensen said...

More Fruits of Religion!

The boss I had 4-5 years ago encouraged me toward management as a career goal. I was interested and, as is my usual habit, I started educating myself on management theory.

The first task in taking on a new subject is finding out who the definitive names are and reading their materials, looking for best practices, etc.

Management is a funny topic. The more I read, the more uncomfortable I became with the idea of ever becoming a manager. The only manager examples I admired didn't work by theory, but were apparently natural talents. And they were usually notable by all their exceptions to "best practices". There wasn't a model that fit the customizations they did.

And then I found the Rule of St Benedict. There is a whole section on how an Abbot or Abbess is to run an abbey. It includes:
- managing diverse personalities
- delegation
- taking counsel and making decisions
- adapting to circumstances

After reading the Rule for the first time, I realized I had in my hands exactly what I'd been looking for - a framework I understood and was comfortable with. While I have not yet become a manager, I am comfortable with the idea, actively pursue management opportunities, am working on developing other skills (benefiting my boss), and in the meantime mentoring coworkers (including two managers).

As far as I can tell in researching religious orders, Benedict's Rule is the dominant framework for most orders. It has lasted for 1500 years because it is eminently practical.

And it stems from Benedict's Christianity - from his understanding of what it means to behave as a Christian and to live in a Christian community. This fruit has longer shelf life than Valveeta - and actual nutritional value to boot!


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